Wednesday, April 14, 2004  

"HI! My name is...uh, name...oh @#*%!"

I just called and left the World's Stupidest Sounding Voicemail on a potential employer's machine. This is for the job where I know someone who knows someone who sent my resume to someone that knew someone else and anyway, I got the name of the hiring manager and have been trying to pysch myself up for about two weeks now to call him and check in. The position is still posted on the company website and from my previous experience with the company I know that things can take awhile so I wanted to just, you know, check in and see if anything was going on.

I finally had everything I wanted to say all written out in script format, including options for if I got a live person or if I got voicemail and then when I actually called I choked at the last minute.

The voicemail was supposed to go like this:

Hi, this is Mary Watkins and I'm calling in reference to the job posting for the Writer/Editor position. I had been in touch with ____ ______ and she told me that she had passed my resume along to you. I had a couple of questions and wanted to see if I could get a few minutes of your time. If you could call me back I'd greatly appreciate it. My number is __ ___ ____. Thank you!"

Instead the voicemail went something like:

"Um, HI! This is MARY WATKINS (am doing that trick where you smile to sound happy on the phone but it worked too well) and um, I was calling about the posting, uh, the job posting for the Writer/Editor position? I had been in touch with ___ _____ and uh, she said she was forwarding my resume onto to you. Um. I had a few questions I wanted to ask, uh, and I wanted to see where you are in the hiring process....uh (pause while thinking) and if you could give me a call back that would be GREAT! (smile trick again). You can reach me at __ __ ____ and again my name is MARY WATKINS. Thanks and (and what? why did I say "and"?!?!?) and....I hope to SPEAK WITH YOU SOON! OKAY. THANKS!"

I hung up the phone and immediately pounded my forehead on the desk. At least it's done and now all I have to do is wait for him to call back.

Or not.

| posted by Mary | 4/14/2004 03:44:00 PM
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