Tuesday, April 06, 2004  

I'm A Detail-Oriented Self-Starter......

Hmmm....it's been a week since I last blogged. Not good. It seems every time I sit down at the computer I get caught up with job searching and the next thing I know I've been on the computer for two hours and it's time to go start dinner. This is why housewives in the 1950s were so productive, no internet to distract them.

No news really on the job front. I've been trying to just send my resume out for jobs/companies that I'm truly interested in, haven't gotten desperate enough yet to send the onslaught of resumes to anything and everything that's posted. What's funny to me is that, for the first time, I actually feel very qualified for all the jobs I'm applying for. I think I should hear back from at least one of them, I guess it just takes time.

There seems to be some good stuff out there, you just have to shuffle through all the crap jobs to find them. I'm amazed at all the job postings that start out like:

"Head Hurt from Hitting the Glass Ceiling?!?"

"Top Gun Needed"

"BORED? Train for a career in Marketing?"

"Spinach Dip Stains? Be a Marketing Manager instead!"

And so on and so forth. Who actually applies for these jobs?

I get bummed out every time I check my email/voicemail and there are no new (job-related) messages. But then I also get excited when I see a posting for an awesome -sounding job and I send my resume off. Then I get bummed out again when I go to the grocery store or Target and I think about how I'm not making any money.

But then I read my horoscope for the day and somehow everything seems like it will be alright.

Today you might find yourself worrying a little about all the money you've spent lately, Mary. Don't waste too much energy on this; funds will soon be flowing in again and you'll be able to live the way you normally do. You might also find yourself in a creative mood, feeling the strong urge to express your feelings in some way. Don't hesitate to reach out in a creative area that you've never explored before. Go for it!

Obviously things are bound to start looking up.

| posted by Mary | 4/06/2004 07:54:00 AM
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