Wednesday, April 07, 2004  

Spaghetti Squash Head.

(A little Easter humor that my mom emailed me)

Here's a little non-secret about me: I highlight my hair. Not much, just very subtly. I've been doing it at home for about seven years with good results. I've had hairstylists tell me that it looks better than many professional jobs that they've seen.

I've always used a particular kit that over the years has become harder and harder to find. So this last time I decided to try a new kit. It was in the same product line and looked really similar so I thought "Hey, how different could it be?" On the fated day I got out the kit, put the dumb-looking little cap on my head, poked a bunch of holes through the cap, pleaded for Andrew to help poke holes in the back of my head, mixed up the stinky highlight mixture, slopped it on my hair and set the time for 45, my usual time.

45 minutes later the timer went off and Andrew walked into the room to help me. His face fell. "Baby! Oh! Oh no! Your hair is.....omigah....OMIGAH....your hair is BRIGHT YELLOW! Run! Run to the bathroom! WE'VE GOT TO RINSE IT OUT NOW!"

At first I thought Andrew was just pulling my leg but I still raced back to the bathroom and OMIGAH! He was right! The hair sticking out of the cap was bright yellow!

(For reference, I thought it looked exactly like spaghetti squash.)

I jumped in the shower. I scrubbed. I cursed. Andrew paced around in the bathroom saying "Ohhhh no, I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! (although he didn't do anything) Don't worry sweetie, we'll get you to the salon to fix it. It'll be okay. Ohhhh no. (peeking into shower) Omigah, it is still BRIGHT yellow. Ohhh no....."

I combed it out, blowdried it. Still yellow. Obvious roots. Obvious highlights. Not the natural look I have always gone for.

My normally looks like this:

(pic of me taken at Natalie's wedding a few weeks ago)

After the highlights, I thought it looked like this:

(pic of Amanda Lepore, likely not taken at a wedding)

Sigh. I wondered how we would afford the $200 or so it would cost to fix it at a salon. Oh well, no time to worry. I had a bridal shower to attend that night so I sucked it up, got dressed and tried not to look in a mirror for the rest of the afternoon. I tried on a few hats but nothing really worked. I decided I wouldn't say anything to Natalie when she picked me up, just see if she said anything. Nothing. I start thinking "Okay, maybe it doesn't look that bad." Then I remembered that Natalie is an incredibly kind and supportive person, not someone who would say "Holy crap, what happened to your hair?!"

We arrived at the party for Katie and Josh. Katie greeted us at the door and yelled "Mar, look at your hair! I love it! You look great!" I explained the mistake and lifted my hair up to show off my obvious roots and groaned about how bad it looked. All my girlfriends were super nice about the hair and kept telling me it looked good.

I stared in the mirror when I got home and told myself, hey it doesn't look that bad. Maybe the roots are fabulous in a "Sarah Jessica Parker Obvious Roots" kind of way. Hmmmm....maybe not. I decided not to shell out for the salon visit right away and to give it a few days.

Either it looks slightly better or I've just gotten used to it. The highlights still look obvious and kind of fakey but they're not as yellow as the were before. I'm going to try to use some kind of semi-perm rinse on my hair to help even it out. (this is based on extensive internet research on "bad at-home highlights")

For anyone who colors their hair at home - have you ever had a bad experience? Turned yourself into a spaghetti squash head? Any haircolor horror stories would be strongly appreciated during this difficult time.....

| posted by Mary | 4/07/2004 07:43:00 AM
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