Thursday, May 06, 2004  

The Gayest Brave.

This is why I'm never going to be "one of the guys." You know, one of those girls who can talk sports and whatnot and just fit in with a group of men. Andrew and I went to a Braves game last night with two (male) friends. I'm not a baseball fan by any means but I think Turner Field is pretty and I like eating hotdogs and drinking big beers. So, I'm okay with going to the games. But, afterwhile I tend to get a little....distracted. Usually I'm just there alone with Andrew and can yammer on about whatever inane things I want to talk about and he obliges. Last night Friend #1 is going on and on about batting averages and whatnot and someone else mentions that a player is "on the DL." Immediately, my ears perk up and I turn to him and say "The DL? Really? I saw a whole Oprah show about that the other week....Unbelievable! And they say they're not bisexual!"

Finally, something I could talk about! Yay! But the Friend #1 just looked at me like "What the *$#@ are you talking about?" I started to explain and it turned out that in sports being on the DL is short for being on the Disabled List. Not, the Down Low, or being a straight black man who sleeps with other straight black men but doesn't believe that they are gay or bisexual.


Well, nevermind.

I started to explain about the Oprah show and they laughed a little and kept saying, "That means they're bisexual." I said "Well, they don't see it that way" and we went back and forth for awhile and then I wondered out loud if any of the Braves were on the DL, in the Oprah show sense. "Hey, who do you think the gayest Brave is?", I asked, pulling out my program and thumbing through it. "This guy? This guy looks pretty gay."

They changed the subject and starting talk about batting averages again.

Damn. I'm never going to be one of the guys, I just know it.

| posted by Mary | 5/06/2004 12:44:00 PM
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