Monday, May 31, 2004  

Oh Baby.

On a much more pleasant note....I had intended to blog about this last week, the baby shower that we threw for our dear friend Chelsea. The is the first baby in my group of friends, and the first baby shower we've ever thrown together. Was lots of fun and Chelsea got all kind of good baby loot. Everything is so teeny tiny small and cute, we just sat around and squealed over the little shirts and gown, the itsy bitsy diapers, all the cuteness.

Oh, I almost forgot - we played two games at the shower - both were a lot of fun. We did the thing where you put a paper plate on your head and draw what the baby will look like (abstract art) and we also got six jars of baby food, took the labels off and had everyone sniff it, taste it (bleah), etc to guess. It was a hit! I also discovered that I will never ever be able to feed my future baby pureered ham because the look and the smell of it is just way too gross.

| posted by Mary | 5/31/2004 03:23:00 PM
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