Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

Back from a sort of impromptu blogging break.

I spent most of the last week out at my parents' house, visiting with them, my sister-in-law Amanda and my little niece and nephew. Exhausting but fun. The Niecelet is now five years old and is into dressing up, having tea parties, and sharing secrets. We engaged in all these activities and more. One night we went down in the basement and pulled out a box filled with my old dance costumes, saved from various ballet, tap and jazz recitals. Jess looked like she couldn't believe her eyes, it just got better and better with each tutu that we pulled out, every gold-spangled glove, tiaras and headpieces, feathers, etc. It was the Dress Up Motherload. I was so glad that my mom had saved everything and it made me hope again that one day I will have a little girl of my own to play dress-up with. Because Andrew isn't going to be too keen on me stuffing a son of ours into a pink net skirt with a sequined top. No. Not at all.

My two-year old nephew was equally adorable and he is at such a fun age right now. You can do the silliest thing, like waving a stuffed pig in front of him while making "Oink! Oink!" noises or just pretending to poke him in the belly and he will just crack up. Everything is hilarious. I could only wish that someone else would find me so captivating and witty.

I loved being with them and oh yeah, the rest of my family too. They're fun also. Until Uncle Andrew came out for the weekend and little Jess decided that her Aunt Mwary was Old News. ***yawn*** She was completely crushing on Andrew and insisted that he sit by her at every meal, read her bedtime stories, give her dolphin rides in the pool, you name it and she wanted Uncle Andrew to do it. He was a good sport about it, aside from continually rubbing it in that he was the new favorite. Hmmph.

Other highlights from the past week include:

Having a "Stepford Wives Day" with my friend Kimberly. We rented the original version of the movie (which I love and she had never seen), and then went to see a matinee of the new and unimproved version, starring Nicole Kidman. Worst. Movie. I've. Seen. This. Year! I felt a little embarrassed just sitting in the theater watching it. I knew it wasn't going to be good but I didn't realize it was going to be that bad. Even my beloved Christopher Walken couldn't save it. In fact, he pretty much sucked too. If you have never seen the 1975 version with Katherine Ross go and rent it, it's spooky, suspenseful and so perfectly 1970s. And if you're thinking of going to see the current version, well...don't. Go spend your bucks watching "Garfield" or "White Chicks" instead. Even they would have to be better that the piece of crap remake.

What else? On the job front things are picking up a little bit. I had a phone call from the hospital where I interviewed a few weeks ago telling me that I should hear something back with the middle of next week. Not very optimistic about it anymore but who knows, maybe it will work out. I had an interview Monday afternoon for a part-time job (which I don't think I can swing, financially) and a promising phone call from an architecture firm. So, things are looking up.

I just spent the last hour applying for a marketing position with Whole Foods and decided to go ahead and fill out a general employment application with them as well. Holy cow. It was all pretty standard until the last half of it, where there were a series of maybe 50 or so statements that you had to Agree, Strongly Agree, Disagree or Strong Disagree with. They included things such as:

I am into just having fun right now, not working hard.

Other people can sure be annoying.

People think I am easy to get along with.

I tend to swear when I get upset.

I am always polite even when I don't want to be.

If co-workers are irritating me I just want to chop them up into little pieces and mix them into the Organic Beef and Barley Soup.

The instructions said to try to answer as quickly as possible and check the first thing that comes to your mind, which I tried to do. But then as soon as I would check them I would starting thinking, "Wait, am I dishonest if I disagree that people are annoying? Some people really are annoying! But if I say that I think they are does that make me not easy to get along with?"

It reminded of when Andrew had just graduated with his MBA and was interviewing with a Atlanta-based railroad company. He had a series of interviews and was told he was a top canidate for the position. The final step was that he had to take a physiological profile, which he had to go in and fill out and he said it took forever and was pretty intense. A few weeks went by and he didn't hear anything and finally he got a postcard in the mail from the company, thanking him for applying for a job there. I still tease him about not getting the job because the railroad company clearly thought he was completely nuts.

Uh oh. I have probably just spent forty-five minutes of my evening wasting time and proving to Whole Foods that I too am completely nuts.

| posted by Mary | 6/22/2004 10:29:00 PM
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