Thursday, June 03, 2004  

Only 74 and Cut Down in Her Prime.

Well, I had my three hour interview earlier today and I think everything went pretty well. I really liked the Marketing Director, the job seems like it would be a good fit for me, and she seemed impressed with my portfolio. I have a hard time with interviews because I generally try to be a modest person and job interviews always require a certain amount of showboating, which I'm not so comfortable with. But, I put all that aside and tooted my proverbial horn this morning so maybe it will work out.

This was a little unexpected though, I have job interview homework. Before I left my interviewer gave me a packet with proofing, editing and grammar exercises, as well as a few essay-type topics to write about. Gaaah! I feel out of practice, as all I've been writing lately are sporadic blog postings and cover letters. I had taken a similar test at a previous interview years before and it was a timed writing, spelling and medical terminology test and it scared the hell out of me. So getting to take this home with me and fax it in tomorrow should be easy peasy, right?

The thing that is taking the longest to work on is the last direction of the test, I am instructed to write my own obituary, pretending that I have died in the year 2050. Which would only make me 74 years old. Which isn't that old really. I know that I should write about my long-lasting career with the company that I am applying to but then what? Since this is fantasy I'm envisioning that I have my brilliant career, Andrew and I have a few brilliant children, then I write and publish my first novel (which of course, turns out to be brilliant) and then at the age of 60 I decide to pick up blues guitar (despite the fact that I have no musical talent...yet) and I then become a blues legend (uncannily similar to Beverly "Guitar" Watkins) and Andrew and I travel the country, as senior citizens performing in juke joints. And then somehow I've got to kick off at age 74 but I'm not really sure how. I'm also thinking it's totally unfair because (in my fantasy future)I'm just hitting my stride. I'll be cut down in my prime!

Anyone have suggestions for my demise? Should I try to be clever or just die of old age? (although really with medical science, by 2050, people's brains will probably just be kept in jars until they can get a new "body transplant" or something).

Should I say that I died from overexerting myself and "working too hard" all my life?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Just kidding.

| posted by Mary | 6/03/2004 09:59:00 PM
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