Wednesday, June 09, 2004  

Tanathon 2004: a self-tanning update

Before Self-Tanner
After Self-Tanner


- The color looks really natural. Not orange at all, just a toasty brown.

- A subtle toasty brown. Subtle is key. I do not like self tanners that make you look like you changed ethnicities or something.

- Smell is still not too bad, although it does smell a little more self-tannery than it did last night. But its still kinda of chocolately smelling too. Andrew told me he thought I smelled like a chocolate-covered malt ball. Not sure if it was a compliment...

- I mentioned before that the product is cheap. I paid $7.50 for it at Sally and it is already just as good if not better than the time I shelled out $30 for Clarins Self Tanner.


- Despite everyone on Makeup Alley making it sound like a self-tanner that even a dummy couldn't mess up I still managed to have a few weird spots. There's a telltale streak on the back of my arm and a little leprosy thing going on with my wrists and the side of one hand. Oh yeah and my feet look a little bit muddy but not nearly as bad as they usually do with self-tanner.

- And despite spending over an hour in the self-tanning process last night I'll still have to spend time today doing "touch-up" on the weird spots. Already this whole process is starting to seem way too time-consuming.

The Verdict.

So overall I give it a good review. If you're self-tanner curious I'd definitely give it a try, based on the price, color, and smell. But as always you have to be careful with the application.

Wish I could be like the lucky celebrities who can just shell out big bucks to lie around nude at a spa while little self-tanning minions coat them from head to toe, careful to never leave weird splotches or streaks. I've read that Paris Hilton spends over $1,000 a month on self-tanning treatments. Lucky Paris Hilton....

| posted by Mary | 6/09/2004 11:16:00 AM
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