Monday, July 19, 2004  

House Obsession Takes Over.
Things have been going well here. Am suddenly caught in a fit of domestic productivity, after getting a second interview with the firm I met with last week and planning for another interview on Thursday and starting to realize (optimistically hope) that "Hey, I might actually get a job soon....holy crap, what have I been doing for the last four months?!?! I have to get some stuff done around this house before I'm employed again!" Andrew and I have been stalled pretty much every since we moved into the house, started taking wallpaper off the bedrooms and realized we had 30+ year old wallpaper stuck directly onto drywall, thus causing us to tear great chunks out of our walls. We starting thinking that we would wait until I got a job and we could pay someone to come in and do the dirty work for us. So, I've basically been ignoring all the housey projects I need/want to do until Andrew went out of town last week and I decided I would surprise him with a kitchen project we had talked about doing. I removed some of the cabinets doors off one wall of kitchen cabinets (the ones around our sink that house all our glasses) and painted the insides shelves a deep red color, the shade we had picked out for our kitchen walls. Wow. I was really happy with the results, instead of a vast expanse of cream-painted cabinets we now have broken up the landscape with some glossy red shelves. Love it. Will put up pictures after I finish the rest of the painting.
Suddenly I was whipped into a kitchen-redo frenzy and starting ripping wallpaper off the walls. Hallelujah! It actually came off very easily with the steamer and I got it done in just a few hours. Now we have nude-colored walls waiting to be prepped and then coated with same deep red color as the cabinets.  I'm hoping to get it all done by the weekend and can't believe that we may actually have the painting finished in one room. Happy day!
Oh course, there's still the grasscloth-covered den, the office, the ripped-up bedrooms, etc but still, progress is being made. And it's only taken me four months to get started. Better late than never?
* Disclaimer: if this post makes no sense, please forgive me. It's 11:30 pm, I've just finished putting a coat of primer in the kitchen and I've got a nice little paint-fume induced buzz going. Wheeeee!

| posted by Mary | 7/19/2004 11:42:00 PM
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