Monday, July 12, 2004  

I Hope You and Leslie Gretel Will Be Very Happy Together!

Yesterday in church Andrew and I listened to a sermon about Lost Opportunities - the time you didn't get the job you had to have (ding!) or didn't win the contest that you were sure you would win or didn't get the man or women of your dreams, the one you were sure you would die without. When we were driving home Andrew started talking about a girl he had a crush on in elementary school and how he prayed and prayed that she would be his girlfriend.

Humph. This was all the ammunition I needed to tease/annoy him for the rest of the day. While we were at the store Andrew told me not to buy too many strawberries because I had let the last carton go bad. "Oh yeah, I bet Leslie Gretel never buys produce and lets it go bad. She's sooooo perfect."

At home, fixing lunch, we talked about the housework that needed to be done. Andrew mentioned the cobwebs gathering in the corners of our rooms and I responded "I bet if you had married Leslie Gretel you wouldn't have cobwebs on your living room ceiling. I bet she keeps a perfect house."

"I'm sure Leslie Gretel would never forget to wash your black socks that you need for work."

"I bet Leslie Gretel always finishes the crossword puzzle and with all the correct answers too. I bet she even uses pen instead of pencil."

"I bet Leslie Gretel always has dinner ready on time!"

"I'm sure if you had married Leslie Gretel everything would be just greeeeaaat....."

I know it's childish and stupid to tease someone about a fourth grade crush but it is so much fun! Although, I bet Leslie Gretel would never try to annoy her husband like this.

| posted by Mary | 7/12/2004 10:01:00 AM
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