Friday, July 09, 2004  

Interview Update

I think everything went well yesterday. I really liked the man I interviewed with and the firm does interesting work. They seemed impressed with my experience and said lots of nice things about my portfolio. The firm seems to be slower-paced than the last design firm that I worked for, which would be great. They focus mostly on urban planning and he told me that it was important that the person they hire feel the same way they do about urbanization. I nodded, trying to think of what I could say..."I hate driving on the interstate! And...uh...and I hate Wal-Mart too!" I didn't really have a lot to add about urbananization but now I am reading this really interesting book "The Geography of Nowhere" which is about the suburbanazation of America and the demise of the small town. Good stuff.

I went into the interview feeling not particularly excited about it, I was concerned about the hours and the commute. But by the time I left the office I was excited and interested in the position. I am keeping my interest under check though, obviously just because I thought the interview went well doesn't mean it did. I am one of ten canidates that they are interviewing over the next few weeks and then they are narrowing it down to four people to come back for a second interview. I hope I'll be in the final four but who knows...not getting my hopes up.

I am a cool, aloof job-seeker, not getting too excited or optimistic about anything. I am the Job Seeking Ice Queen. I will not get my hopes up over mere possibilities.

This is what I keep telling myself....

| posted by Mary | 7/09/2004 09:44:00 AM
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