Wednesday, July 21, 2004  

Kitchen Project Continues.

All the cabinets are now painted, walls are washed and taped off, just need to prime and paint now. Whoohoo!

A long time ago my mom noticed a funny bump in one of our kitchen walls that she suspected was a phone jack. I peeled off the wallpaper to discover she was right, our previous homeowners had just wallpapered right over the jack and now there's a big gaping hole in our wall.

Our solution to the problem? Of course, we will take the lazy way out and buy a wall-mounted phone to cover the hole! I've been trolling Ebay, Target, Pottery Barn, etc looking for the perfect (and perfectly priced) retro-style phone. Now I just have to decided if I want a black or chrome finish.

Any thoughts?

| posted by Mary | 7/21/2004 07:54:00 AM
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