Thursday, July 29, 2004  


Second interview with Children's Healthcare was today...I was there for two hours and met with four different people. If they choose me as a strong candidate I would have to go back again for more interviewing and a writing test. Bah. We'll see what happens. I'm also waiting to hear back from the urban planning firm, they said they should be in touch by the end of the week. All this nerve wracking.

In other non-job related news....I am completely convinced that one of the women in my Jazzercise class is an elf. She is very small, has a short pixie-type hairstyle and seems to have an endless amount of energy. When the rest of us are trudging through a hard routine she just scampers around smiling. She points her toes a lot. And tonight during class I saw her push her hair back one time. She has pointy ears.

| posted by Mary | 7/29/2004 08:03:00 AM
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