Wednesday, July 28, 2004  

Too Busy to Blog?

Or just too lazy...hmmmm? Things on my mind this week:

Napoleon Dynamite

I saw this movie over the weekend and thought it was pretty funny but a little draggy due to the lack of plot. I loved the way Napoleon talked and I seem to be enjoying the movie even more in retrospect....I crack up every time I think "Do the chickens have large talons?" or "I see you're drinking 1% milk. Is that because you think you're fat?" Or really, any of the other lines in the movie. Go check out the website, lots of good clips and soundbytes.


I stopped in at Rich's this afternoon to buy a top to wear under a jacket for my interview tomorrow and there were oodles of nice work clothes on sale and I ended up buying a few things, optimistically thinking "If I get a job offer this week then I will need new work clothes." The saleslady ringing me up started her pitch on applying for a Rich's/Macy's card and normally I just shake my head but this lady was so freaking persistent , she would not let up! I ended up signing up for the stupid card so I could save 20% but really it was just because I was tired and hadn't eaten lunch yet and wanted to go. Now I am kicking my self for not having more of a backbone.


I had my third and final interview yesterday with the urban planning firm...not really sure how it went, I felt okay but it was pretty intense. One of the guys interviewing started asking me where else I was interviewing and was I seriously considering any other places and if I were to get two job offers right now which one would I take. Good grief! Pressure! He was even worse than the Rich's/Macy's salesclerk.

More Interviewing.

I spoke too soon last week when I said Children's Healthcare wouldn't pan out. They actually called me last Friday and arranged another interview, which is taking place tomorrow afternoon. I was in shock when they called but am pleased. Tomorrow I will finally meet the elusive hiring manager that I've been trying to talk to for four months.

Really Really Red. Really.

Kitchen painting is still in progress but is almost done. Photos to follow soon. I think I am going to end up doing three coats of paint (following two coats of primer). Andrew and I like it but it is a bit shocking in contrast to the old Grandma/floral wallpaper that we took down. The color seems very very bright but I think it's cheerful. Yeah, that's it. Cheerful. Cheerful is good.

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