Friday, August 13, 2004  

"It's Dark in Here...Somebody Hand Me a Ashlight."

One of the not so enjoyable things I've been working on this week is the Document From Hell....a 200+ page revitalization plan for a local Atlanta highway. I was given the document to edit and quickly discovered many quirks caused by the plan being pieced together by other sources, consultants, etc. Co-workers periodically stopped by my cubicle and said, "Man...that document is f***ed!"

They were right. There were issues with endnotes and footnotes and numbers not matching up and text threading and all kinds of annoying stuff but the worst was this things I'd never heard of before...this thing called "ligatures". Apparently ligatures can be turned on or off in different parts of your document and if they get turned on (or off, I can't remember) you will not have any "FL" in, your doc will appear perfectly normal onscreen but when you print it any side-by-side "F"s and "L"s will not print.

For example, I thought I had everything corrected until I printed out the most recent draft and read about the "trees that will ank the highway" and the areas that are "part of a ood plain."

Slightly delirious, I started thinking of other "FL" words. What fun....

"Mom! He just icked a booger at me!"

"She made poor grades and had to unk out of school."

"He was quite embarrassed by his accid penis."

"The boy scout went to agpole and raised the ag."

"Now that the divorce was final she was ready to cut loose and have a ing or two."

See how much fun! Why don't you give it a try?

| posted by Mary | 8/13/2004 04:42:00 PM
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