Monday, August 09, 2004  

Still Trying to Get the Hang of This Whole Work/Life Balance Thing.

Also, trying to figure out best time of day to blog. The consensus:

Morning: not quite awake enough yet to write coherent thoughts

Evening: too tired from workday to write coherent thoughts

Lunchtime: too paranoid to write while sitting in a cubicle, hunched over my lunch and glancing around furtively

But I'm sure I'll get over it as I get used to only have three hours or so of free time a day. I've been thinking about this and wondering what happens to my day. I read this Italian saying in a book once that went something like "Lucky lucky me...I"m a lucky son of a gun...I work eight hours, I sleep eight hours, I have eight hours of fun."

Eight hours of fun? That sounds impossible.

Current schedule:

6:00 Alarm goes off simultaneously while Andrew, back from his workout, crawls back into bed to snuggle for "just one minute"

6:15 Snooze alarm goes off, either roll over and sleep 15 more minutes or get up, depending on how tired I am

6:30 In the shower, showering. Still not awake yet.

6:45-7:30 Brushing teeth, putting in contacts, putting on make-up, drying hair, ironing hair (bad bad Mary), picking out work clothes, realizing pants need ironing, ironing pants, searching for left shoe or wedding ring or something else that I can't find

7:35 In kitchen, rushing about trying to fix breakfast and maybe a lunch to take. Thinking, I need to leave at 7:45, I can totally do this.

7:55 Damn. How did that happen? Race to get in car.

8:00 In car now, alternately listening to morning radio and David Byrne's "Uh Oh" cd (favorite cd of the moment, again)

8:30 Arrive at work.

Work. Work. Work. Check email. Work. Work. Work. Read a few blogs. Work. Work. Drink too many Diet Cokes. Work.

5:25 Start thinking "I'm out of here!"

5:30 Get caught up in conversation with someone.

5:40 "I'm out of here!" Try to make it to 6:00 Jazzercise class.

6:00 Am now late for Jazzercise.

6:15 Still in traffic. Am now really late.

6:30 To hell with it. I'm going home.

6:45 Home. Talk to husband. Check phone calls. Check emails. Complain about not wanting to cook dinner. Collapse in chair and complain about how tired I am. Eat something for dinner (pasta salad...again?).

9:00 Whaaaa happened?

9:15 Starting freaking out trying to figure out what happened to the past two hours. Decide to go to bed early.

10:40 Get in bed. Not early.

11:00 Sleep.

6:00 AM Here we go again.

| posted by Mary | 8/09/2004 07:39:00 PM
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