Wednesday, August 18, 2004  


I remember reading about this yogurt, Fage Total Yogurt, a long time ago. I noticed it was on sale at Whole Foods last week and I bought six containers of it.

Holy cow. This stuff is amazing. I bought the 0% fat ones and they taste so different than normal yogurt. Thick, creamy consistency and totally natural-tasting. Plus with the cool packaging you can pretend that you're somewhere in Europe eating your yogurt. I like to slice strawberries to put in with a little bit of honey. Fage even makes a yogurt with a little side compartment of Greek cute!

At almost $2 a container this could become an expensive daily habit. The Total Yogurt will have to be a "special treat yogurt", I'll stick with Stoneyfield Farms for my usual breakfast dish. But here's the other thing I noticed - in the past week, since I have been eating the Total Yogurt my fingernails have grown, something that grows really fast. It's incredible...suddenly I have long, hard nails instead of my usual short fragile stubbly nails. And maybe it's my imagination but my complexion seems clearer too.

Total Yogurt - my favorite new miracle product.

| posted by Mary | 8/18/2004 08:45:00 AM
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