Monday, August 16, 2004  

Wearing Other People's Clothes.

I sent out an Evite last week for a Clothing Swap Party that I'm hosting next Sunday afternoon. I've never done this before but about two years ago a woman I worked with had one of these events...the clothes in her closets ranged from size 6 ("Ah, the good old days," she sighed) to size sixteen (post-cancer chemo bloating) was pretty amazing....from 70's caftans to 80's power suits and everything in between.

When we moved I started sorting through my closets and drawers and putting away things to give to Goodwill. It made me a little sad going through some of the items I put aside....the red corduroy pants I was wearing the first time Andrew and I met (and, as they are a size three, I will never be able to wear them again)....the pointy-toed, camel-colored boots that I paid $75 for and love but they kill my feet when I try to walk in them...the black jersey dress that was once a work-wardrobe staple but now makes me look like a Bosc all has to go.

One thing I miss about post-college life: borrowing clothes from my girlfriends. I suppose we could still do this but it would require way too much coordination and planning and in college it was just as easy as walking in the Phi Mu house and riffling through someone's bedroom. Being in a sorority was like having 45 additional closets at your disposal...everyone seemed to be okay with loaning practically anything and we borrowed stuff left and right...from college formals to shoes to match your new skirt or the perfect first-date was great. My pal Chelsea and I lived together for two years and wore the same size...I remember a red corduroy jacket of hers that I loved borrowing and can still picture her slipping on my favorite J.Crew striped sweater on her way to watch a rugby match. Or Stacey Hinson's closet...our sister with a serious shopping addiction who could always be counted on for a great outfit…I remember borrowing everything from a shirt to skirt to shoes to wear on an important first date and a particular black top that I loved to borrow to wear out to the bars on Thursday nights. Oh...and the perfectly worn-in vintage Levi's that I borrowed from Maggie Webb and tried not to give back, they fit so perfectly. So many memories of so many things....all while wearing borrowed clothes.

P.S. If there are any Atlanta area bloggers/readers who would like to get in on the Swap let me know and I'll send you the details. Not sure if anyone would be interested but if you are I'd love to meet you and hey, someone has got to end up with the great-looking, pointy-toed camel-colored boots....

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