Wednesday, September 08, 2004  

Bleary Thoughts After a 16-Hour Day.

Bah. It’s 1:05 AM and I’ve just gotten home from work. Too wired to go to bed yet. We have a proposal due tomorrow and it was a last-minute mad dash to finish. The day started out pretty normal and got progressively worse and worse. At 3:30 PM I realized it was going to take longer than I thought. Around 6:30 PM I thought we were close to finishing. At 10:30 PM I started to have Vietnam-style flashbacks of my previous job.

Getting information at the last minute? Check.

Problems with color copier? Check.

Taking document to Kinko’s and having them stare blankly at me while they tell me they can’t open my Kinko’s File Prep document? Check!

Imagining lunging across the counter and throttling Kinko’s employee at 12:30 PM? Check Check Check!!!

| posted by Mary | 9/08/2004 01:28:00 PM
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