Monday, September 13, 2004  

Five American Dollars?

This weekend I caught up on some rest, did some cleaning around the house, had dinner with my favorite aunt and uncle and....most exciting, discovered an incredible new shoe store with $5 shoes! Five dollars!

I have been wanting a pair of shiny strappy gold shoes to wear to an upcoming wedding but haven’t had any luck finding a pair that was cute but also reasonably priced. I was remarking about this to (a completely uninterested) Andrew on Saturday, as we were pulling out of the Publix parking lot on our way home. He pointed out the window and said, “There’s a shoe store.” I looked and saw some plain-looking “Something Footwear” (can’t believe I’ve already forgotten the name of my new favorite place) and thought “Eh.” I decided to go ahead and go in, thinking it looked like the type of place that might have a pair of cheap, ghetto-fabulous type gold shoes. It was pretty bare bones inside, racks of shoes on three walls, sorted by size on hand-written cards and some aisles of shoeboxes in the center of the store. I noticed a cute pair of gold shoes right off the bat and squealed with joy. But I couldn’t find a price tag on the shoe or the accompying box. Then I noticed a yellow sign hanging in front of me with “Rummage Sale. $6 pr or 2 prs for $10.” Huh. I walked over to a sales clerk and asked how much the shoes were, “These…these are $6?” Yes, I was told, unless I bought two pairs then they were $5. Holy cow. I started scanning the racks and finding cute shoes after cute shoe, all made even cuter with their price tag. And then…wait a second…is that…no way…a pair of black leather Aerosoles Dollyanna’s….the shoes that I always read about being the comfy shoe of choice among fashiony types. Except they are always sold out of them at Nordstroms and they are practically impossible to find. I’ve even watched a few pairs on Ebay, all of which sold for $50-$70. And there they are, right in my size. I bought a pair for myself and a pair to sell on Ebay. I bought a white pair to wear with a certain white and yellow skirt next summer (I have nothing else to wear white shoes with but at $5 who cares!?). I bought a great pair of strappy black-leather corked-heeled wedges, which are quite comfy and super cute and make me look about a foot taller. And the gold shoes, and a pair of gold and silver strappy shoes and two pairs of red high-heeled sandals. I probably could have bought more but decided that eight pairs was probably already enough to freak Andrew out. I think all of the salesclerks thought I was an idiot, I was so excited over my $5 shoes. Especially the Dollyanna’s, they are so comfortable and yet so freaking cute. I was going to take a photo of my shoe line-up but realized my camera battery was dead. Maybe later.

Okay, one more time. Five dollars!!!

| posted by Mary | 9/13/2004 04:38:00 PM
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