Friday, September 24, 2004  


Just got back from a lunchtime haircut appointment. I always like going to my salon because they use all Aveda products so everything smells great and I get a little neck and shoulder massage before my cut and there's also a Starbuck's right next door, which I always stop at on my way out. Oh, and I love the girl who gets my hair too. I've been going to her for about three and half years now and I think she's great.

But. Every time I go in and sit in her chair she starts in with "Okay, let me guess....just a trim, right? No changes, keep everything the same, right?! Ha ha! You never want to change anything, just a trim! Ha ha!"

Good grief. I just had my bangs cut six months ago (after growing them out for a year) that not enough for her? Usually I just shrug and laugh with her (ha ha ha, yeah, yeah) but today I capitulated and now have slightly more bang (or bangs? what is the proper tense here?) and a few subtle layers in the front. I think it looks cute and maybe I was due for a slight change.

Hopefully this will keep her satisfied for a few more months. Sheesh.

| posted by Mary | 9/24/2004 03:57:00 PM
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