Thursday, September 16, 2004  

"She Was Marching Right Before the 'Dykes on Bikes' Motorcade".

I just got back from a monthly luncheon program that is held at our church. The speaker today was Atlanta's Mayor, Shirley Franklin.

I was seated at a table with some ladies (that I didn't know) when Mayor Franklin came in the door. She had a swarm of people around her but we could see her through the cracks. One of the ladies sitting beside remarked that she had never seen Mayor Franklin in person before and how incredibly petite she is, much more so than she looks on TV or in photos. My first thought was "Yes, I know! I thought the same thing when I saw her marching in the Gay Pride Parade last year!"

Something in my brain told me that it wasn't the right thing to say to an elderly companion at the ladies' church luncheon and I stopped myself just before it came out.

Whew. Close one.

| posted by Mary | 9/16/2004 02:40:00 PM
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