Wednesday, October 13, 2004  

Firelight + Cozy Light + Fudge = One Happy House

We have a professional painter at our house today. This feels like a magical thing. Even though we're paying a premium it will be so joyous to come home from work one day and find that it is all done. Wallpaper: gone. Walls: painted. Trim: touched up.

We left a key under the mat and our paint chips on the table. It's really all about the names of the paint chips, isn't it? The den, which we are painting a pumpkin orange color, is called "Glowing Firelight." Could you get any cozier? How about "Cozy Light", the color that we're painting the ceiling? There was another orange color that I really liked, a Ralph Lauren chip that was named (very inaccurately I think) "Life Vest Orange." Ugh. Who wants to live with that?

The other room we're having painted, the guestroom, is being done in chocolate brown. I had a small crisis of confidence last night and capitulated to Andrew's suggestion of lightening up a shade. We made a last minute decision to go from "Melted Chocolate" to "Fudge Bar." As long as there is a coco reference in there I'm okay. Rejected browns include "Bridle", "Pepper Spice" and "Huntsman's Coat."

| posted by Mary | 10/13/2004 04:59:00 PM
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