Thursday, October 14, 2004  

Must Be Cold In Here.

I had a minor dilemma getting dressed this morning. I'm meeting Andrew for dinner right after work tonight and then we're heading off for the Pixies show. I wanted to wear something that could go from work to concert and look okay. Black boots, dark denim trousers and a sweater I bought at Loehmamn's a while back. Black, long-sleeved, high-necked in the front and with a sorta low v in the back. Not too low, just a wee bit, too low to wear a bra with it. So I didn't wear a bra with it. At home this morning the sweater looked perfectly PG....high-necked, thick enough that you couldn't see anything and fitted enough so that nothing shifted around. Also my hair is long enough to cover the v in the back so I'm looking pretty well-covered here.

I underestimated the sexual prowess of this sweater. Although there is full coverage of body parts the sweater seems to be hell-bent on telling everyone "Hey! She's not wearing anything underneath me! Yo...check it out!"

I have spent the whole day trying to stay seated at my desk, crossing my arms when anyone comes to talk to me. Movement is highly restricted. The office air conditioning has made things all too apparent that I'm not wearing a bra and whenever I walk on our creaky uneven wooden floors I'm aware of the bounce factor that occurs naturally without a bra to hold it in. I feel like Walking Sex.

Which would be great for a night out at a bar but not so hot for an afternoon amongst the cubicles. Only two more hours though and then the work day will be over and the sweater is free to be as obsence as it wants.

| posted by Mary | 10/14/2004 05:16:00 PM
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