Monday, November 01, 2004  

Back from the Abyss.

Well, sort of. I’m still sick but am pretending not to be. I had to pretend extra hard on Saturday so Andrew would let me out of the house for Halloween parties. It was worth it.

Saturday night I sequestered myself in the bathroom with my box of fake scabs, a bottle of spirit gum, a bottle o'blood and my bruise color wheel. 45 minutes later I emerged transformed into....well, if not Linda Blair's character from The Exorcist, then at least something really disgusting-looking. A little blood on my thrift store nightgown and I was ready to go.

My bruises didn't show up too well in the photo but I thought they were the best part. I didn't wash my hair for three days and curled the hell out of it trying to make it wild and messy like Linda Blair's but it just kept settling back down and looking like my regular hair.

Highlights of the Halloween Weekend:

· Winning the “Scariest Costume” award for our rendition of Regan McNeil and Father Merrin. I was quite happy. Then on the ride home I realized that I didn’t remember seeing any other scary costumes at the party so maybe we just won by default. Well, whatever.

· Leaving one party and seeing a group of indie-looking boys that I didn't know standing in a huddle around the front door. "What are you guys supposed to be, Weezer or something?" I asked while lurching past them. This was met with confused looks and nervous giggling and I realized that I was talking to a group of French exchange students who had no clue what I was talking about it.

· Kimberly thinking that I was being hit on by one of the Frenchies, who kept admiring my grotesque make-up job but I think he was just appreciative of my holiday spirit. As my own dear husband pointed out - "Why would anyone hit on you? You are definitely the least attractive person in the room tonight" Thanks honey!

I was also excited because it was our first Halloween in our house and we would have trick-or-treaters. It was a little diaspoiting….we had a crew of little bitty ones who came by at 5:30 and they were so cute and Andrew and I were all exicited and then no one showed up again for an hour. We had about 25 kids total. Everytime we would hear any noises we would stop what we were doing and go “Did you hear that? Trick-or-treaters?” and run to peek outside the windows.

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