Tuesday, November 30, 2004  

Today is Good Because.....

I went to the Farmer's Market last night and bought a two week supply of Fage yogurt and a large box of clementines. I have eaten two clemetimes today already and am currently fantasizing about ripping into a third.

While I was out picking up a sandwich for lunch a Midtown Queen stopped on me dead one the sidewalk told me that me that my shoes (red heels) were "Just FLAWLESS girlfriend!" It is a little embarrassing how much this pleased me.

I am spending a day editing a long and slightly tedious document but it is the kind of work I love because there is something so satisfying about circling misplaced commas and pointing out that someone's "pubic improvement plan" could use an "l" in there somewhere. Had to restrain myself from circling it and writing "PUBIC! Ha ha!" out in the margins. Must be professional.

I am meeting Kimberly after work for dinner at my favorite Thai place and then going to watch "Kinsey." Seeing a friend and watching a movie in a theater automatically qualify this as an excellent day.

| posted by Mary | 11/30/2004 03:16:00 PM
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