Wednesday, December 15, 2004  


Tonight I'm meeting my dad for our annual Christmas shopping expedition. My mom always handles the present buying for our family but Dad and I have to go shopping for her. It's fun, sort of like fantasy shopping....Dad is so charmed by every pretty object and never objects to spending $28 on luxurious bath scrubs or whatnot. He gets excited looking for stocking stuffers and picking up socks that "look like your Mom." He is a patient shopper and never rushes, unlike my husband who's shopping approach is "Okay, okay....let's go...let's go...that's it, we're getting that...come on, we're done...let's go"

The other fun thing about shopping with Dad is picking up any object (fur-trimmed Ugg boots, etc) and saying "Dad, what about these?" and watching him to try to figure out if I'm kidding or not.

"Well....I don't you really think your mom would like a Juicy Couture terry miniskirt? I'm not so sure about that Mary B...."

| posted by Mary | 12/15/2004 08:02:00 AM
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