Friday, December 17, 2004  

Deliriously Happy....

Because today is Friday and we have parties to go tonight and my Christmas bonus hits the bank today and, most especially, because the hideous zit I've had on my CHEEK all week is finally going away.

I have had plenty of zits in my time, usually on my chin, forehead or nose but a CHEEK ZIT? Do you know how difficult this is to hide?

Concealer just cakes on it and accentuates rather than hides. Powder just makes me look like I have a dusty zit. Forget about blush, it looks ridiculous. I tried fixing my hair in an alluring Veronica Lake-type style but that's not working either.

This damn thing has been plaguing me all week but I've finally gotten it in check. Today, I have a small little scabby spot on my cheek but it is nothing compared to the prior flaming glory of the CHEEK ZIT.

Andrew and I even made up a song about it, set to the theme song from "Pinwheel" on Nickelodeon. Everyone remembers "Pinwheel" right?

Our version:

"Cheek Zit, Cheek Zit......" (move right arm in manner of 1940's musical)
"Spinning Around...." (spin around)
"Look at My Cheek Zit..." (point at zit)
"And See What I've Found!" (look pleased with self)

(dramatic pause)

"Cheeeeeek Ziiiiiit." (look serious)

What? Why are you looking at me like that? People, I never claimed I was normal.

But enough of CHEEK ZIT and me. If you really want to read a sob story go pay your condolences to Melissa over at Suburban Bliss. She's currently fighting the good fight at Lice Fest 2004.

At least cheek zits sit still and do not hop about one's head. Oh, and they don't lay eggs either. "CHEEK ZIT, you're not so bad after all! I think I love you!"

| posted by Mary | 12/17/2004 08:30:00 AM
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