Monday, December 13, 2004  

Nothing Says "I Care" Quite Like an Array of Brightly-Colored Socks.

Andrew and I made a long drive down to Florida this past weekend. To help keep us amused I packed a copy of my Emily Post Book of Etiquette. It is about 800 pages long and weights 20 lbs. And it is a never-ending source of amusement.

Although the book was published fairly recently (1995) so much of the advice harkens back to the dark ages. One of the things that came to mind this morning was the suggested list of possible gifts for a "young person":

Not sure what ages fall under this umbrella but in the future, young friends of mine can most certainly expect to receive:

- Telephone serviced paid for up to one year
- A reversible wool scarf
- An electronic Dictionary
- An array of brightly-colored socks
- Ankle weights

Of course, the ankle weights are for truly special friends. What girl wouldn't feel honored to be presented with her very own pair?

| posted by Mary | 12/13/2004 04:13:00 PM
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