Tuesday, December 07, 2004  

Various Photos From Chick Weekend in Milledgeville Two Weekends Ago.

Milledgeville is the town where I went to college. One of my girlfriends, Kat, still lives there so we get to go back and visit from time to time. This last time we walked all around our old campus, looking at all the great things they didn’t have while we were there.

This is Bell Hall, the dorm that I lived in freshman year with Natalie and Allison. I wanted to live in Bell because it was old and historic (1928) and had huge windows and real bathtubs. It did not have air conditioning (or heat really) or cable television. My roommate and I would sleep in only our underwear during the spring because it would get so hot. Now the dorm has central HVAC, cable, DSL lines and boys.

We made fun of the dorky "Cat Eyes are Watching You" sign (the bobcat is the school mascot) but apparently I was the only one who really took the matter seriously. The Stupid Bobcat became the new mascot during my...uh, maybe junior year of college. Before that it was the Georgia College Colonial, who wore a frilly shirt and knickerbockers and was possibly the wimpiest mascot ever conceived.

This is the old governor's mansion, as Milledgeville used to be the state capitol. It's been refaced recently but as far as I know it's still falling apart on the inside. The only two things I remember about the governor's mansion - 1) The director of the school theater department was accused of sexual harassment and all the theater geeks (me) had to go to the mansion and talk the school president about whether or not we thought he was a perv. (I said no but he got the axe anyway) and then 2) I remember our sorority having our spring formal here during my senior year and there was no air conditioning (see a theme developing?). I wore a baby blue dress, had a terrific tan and drank moonshine out of my friend's date's flask. We all sweated like crazy. Also, I remember Natalie and Allison took off their dresses out on the sidewalk but the details are a little fuzzy on that one.

And lastly, here we all are getting ready to go out for the night. We went to Cowboy Bill's, the best redneck bar I know. I'm wearing cowboy boots and my favorite t-shirt, a vintage Bee Gees concert tee from 1981. We set the timer for the camera and then ran like hell over to the sofa to take the photo. We had a great time that night and stayed up until 4:00 am. Just like old times...

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