Monday, January 31, 2005  

Going To Be Little Hard to Dance in.

Saw this on the New York Post online and just had to share. Now. I'm not extremely modest or old-fashioned or whatnot but....this dress, advertised in Seventeen Prom, YM Prom and Teen Prom, has a kind of Senior Prom 2005 "Night of a Thousand Lapdances" sort of theme.

Did you go to prom in high school? I remember my junior year when I wore a red strapless Jessica McClintock chiffon thing that keep slipping down and exposing my black strapless bra all night. I accessorized with shiny nude pantyhose and black dress pumps. I remember I had seriously bruised my big toe playing soccer that spring and the toenail had turned black and fallen off. Ew. I wore aqua sheath and open-toed sandals to the prom "after" party and I remember painting the skin on my naked toe to match my pink-painted toenails.

Senior Prom (Theme: "Mardi Gras" complete with colored beads and drunk guys throwing up on their shoes) I wore an short black dress with a cream off the shoulder bodice (again with the Jessica McClintock). I did a little better with my lower half, I think I had bare legs and strappy black heels that year. I don't remember much about the prom or the after party except that my date (a college sophomore boyfriend who insisted on going with me) was bored and it wasn't very fun.

Is the prom always a letdown? Or did I just never have the right dress?

| posted by Mary | 1/31/2005 06:53:00 PM
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