Monday, January 10, 2005  

Mary Watkins And Her AMAZING Recurring Drawers!

Something on Mighty Girl really struck a chord with me today. Saturday night Andrew and I were out to dinner with friends...I was sitting at the bar, catching up with Kimberly when I crossed my blue jean-clad legs and felt a mysterious lump behind my right knee. I stopped mid-sentence and got an alarmed look on my face. I reached out and grabbed Kimberly's hand and placed it behind my knee. "Shit! I either have a pair of socks or a pair of panties stuck in my pants leg, right behind my knee! Here! Feel! Feel behind my knee!"

Kimberly (crowing): "OMG, it is TOTALLY panties!"

Me (panicked) "I've been wearing these jeans for like two hours now! How the f-word have I had panties stuck behind my knee for two hours and I didn't notice?! Why didn't they fall out? I've got to go to the Ladies Room and get them out! What if they fall out while I'm walking! Shit! Shit!"

Kimberly laughs and makes a horrible reference to white panties and chocolate pudding and accidentally spilling said pudding on said panties and now I just look at her and tell her how totally sick she is.

Then I carefully make my way across the restaurant all the while being sure to keep my weight on the left foot and looking around furtively for witnesses in case panties come tumbling down my leg and land on the floor.

I get to the restroom unscathed, removed a pair of white cotton boycut briefs from my pant leg and stuff them in the pocket of my handbag, making a mental note to remember to remove them when I got home and now as I type this I'm thinking I forgot and the damn things are still in there.

Anyway. With great confidence and bold strides, I return to the bar and of course, everyone knows that I have been in the restroom removing panties from my pant leg. Kimberly patted my knee and pointed out that it was just good material for the blog. Such wise words, I have to remind myself, whether you have panties stuck behind your kneecap or you scream "HELL no!" during a recent gynecologist exam (saving that one for another day) all just comes down to good material. I humiliate myself daily, just for you.

| posted by Mary | 1/10/2005 03:32:00 PM
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