Thursday, February 10, 2005  

Electric Lady LeatherLand.

Drum roll please......ladies and gentlemen, we have new.....sofas! TAAAA DAAAA!

Sofa Time! Everybody dance!

We ordered them about six weeks ago and were finally able to pick them up and move them in our house last night. They are lovely and I can't stop petting them with awed reverence. The den still needs a rug, new coffee tables, entertainment center, etc, etc but getting rid of our old slipcovered sofas and moving these babies in made a huge difference and the room is now very cozy and warm.

Plus entire front half of our house now has an intoxicating leathery aroma, sort of like sitting in a brand new fancy car.

I just realized that I have never posted photos of all our various housey improvements over the past year. Will have to do that, as we now have painted kitchens, bedrooms, etc. The den (below) we had professionally painted a few months ago and I love the pumpkin color.

So, here we go...a glimpse into our house:

View from the front hallway.....don't the new sofas seem to be calling out to you? "Come! Sit on us! Slide around on our lovely slippery seats!"

View from the other side of the room, showing the chair and ottoman. Before getting a chair we had a (very mismatched) sideboard in that space and I'm not really sure what to put on the wall now.

Another view from the do you like my $30 Ikea curtains that I spent $40 having hemmed?

The sofa, in all its glory. Plus, the coffee table that my parents bought in the 70s. If you lie underneath you can see where I scribbled on it with crayons all the time when I was a kid. It's a great table but we'll get a new one eventually. I'm thinking a round tiered one would be nice.

I also never posted photos of our new George Nelson lamp that we bought in December. It is so very awesome.

The loveseat. I keep telling myself I'm not going to die whenever we get our first big scratch on the furniture. That whole worn-in leather look is good, right?

We have no plans for this weekend, which is good because I'll be staying home fondling our sofas for the next three days.

| posted by Mary | 2/10/2005 10:30:00 AM
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