Tuesday, February 08, 2005  

If You Wrote a Bunch of Crap While Standing In a Forest and No One Was There to Read It, Would the Crap Really Exist?

Please forgive my whiney self-pitying self from yesterday's post. I was complaining to Andrew a few weeks ago about how blah and uninspired I've been feeling lately and how there were so many better funnier websites out there for people to read and so many people are way more entertaining than me and what was the point of it anyway, and maybe I should just hang it up, moan, whine, bitch, etc. He asked me, "Why do you have a blog? Is it to develop legions of devoted fans? To keep in touch with your family and friends? To have at least one thing that you write every single day? (uh, Honey, I only blog five times a week. On a good week)

My answer? "Uh, I dunno. I guess I just do it because I think it's, uh, neat. And if I can't at least write this everyday then I'm really a sad sack and I have no hope of ever writing a book and I guess I also want my family and my friends to read it, especially the ones who've moved away and I guess also I get to meet other cool new friends and yeah, I also have a record of all the good, bad and ugly things that have happened in my life over the past two years and okay, I guess there is a point to all of it.

So, tomorrow I return to regularly scheduled babbling. At the request of Christy, there will be - an embarrassing childhood story!

And for Kimberly, a haiku involving swearing!

Send in your requests today!

Anyone want to read more about my problems with urination?


| posted by Mary | 2/08/2005 03:56:00 PM
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