Tuesday, February 15, 2005  

Two Years Ago Today.

Arriving at the church with three of my best friends - Katie, Natalie and Chelsea

My mom, rather firmly affixing the veil to my head. I had to practically lock her in the room with me to help me get dressed, she kept trying to run to the sanctuary to check out the flowers being delivered.

The weather forecast for our wedding day was dismal, it was supposed to rain. Saturday morning I woke up and walked all around midtown, down Peachtree St and past the church we were getting married in. I stood in front of North Ave Presbyterian and said a tiny little prayer that it wouldn't rain. A few hours later the sun came through the clouds and it was a perfect balmy 65 degrees. We got to take photos outside running around through midtown and that is one of my favorite memories of the day.

Crossing Peachtree St with the girls. We ran over to the island in the middle of Ponce and stood on it, taking photos while cars drove by.

It was so much fun. Cars were driving by honking and waving and yelling out their windows. "Congratulations!" You look beautiful!" I remember a car full of guys driving by with a video camera. A little girl walking by stopped with her mom and said, "LOOK! Princesses!" Everyone was great. Except one carload of girls who drove by and yelled "F*CK IT! Don't do it, Girl! F*CK IT! F*CK IT!" Ever the optimist, Natalie turned to me and said, "Did you hear that? ROCK IT! Yeah!"

On our way back to the church. I love the way my dress and the long veil look in this photo.

Meanwhile, back at the church, the guys are taking photos as well. Needless to say, they did not run down Peachtree Street holding hands and giggling. How boring.

After the ceremony. We're standing with Andrew's brother, trying to escape into our getaway car. We only had to get away one block, over to the Renaissance Hotel on West Peachtree St. Maybe we should have walked.

At the reception, which was held in a ballroom on the hotel's top floor. It was awesome. Our cake was made by Rhodes Bakery and had a topper that I ordered from a bakery in Australia, a little Andrew and a little me, made entirely out of sugar. The Sugar Andrew even hade little sugar glasses.

Our first dance. We danced to a Willie Nelson song called "Valentine" and I remember in the opening strains when Willie first twanged out "Vaaaaaalentiiineee.... won’t you be my Valentine," the whole crowd around the dance floor let out a resounding collective "Awwww....”

During our wedding planning Andrew and I made many jokes about “Our special DAAAAAAY” and how over-hyped the whole thing must be, so much pressure to be perfect. Everything didn’t go completely as planned but it was a special day. I couldn’t have imagined anything better.

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