Monday, March 07, 2005  

Getting All Fancy Pants Over Here...

Hi! I've moved! Over to Typepad! And my own domain name! And a new name! And a bunch of other junk too!

I'm excited about the change, hence the exclamation marks!

Because normally, I detest exclamation marks!

But not today!

Please update your bookmarks and links!

And come on over and check it out.

| posted by Mary | 3/07/2005 04:24:00 PM

Thursday, March 03, 2005  

And The Staaaaaaars Look Very Different Todaaaaaaay......

Ever since I watched "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" a few months ago I've been in the mood to listen to David Bowie. I went to Border's during lunch today and bought a "Best Of" compilation, which I've been listening to at work all day. I'm totally transported back to 8th grade, laying on the floor of my bedroom listening to "Space Oddity" on my tape deck. I thought it was really deep or something, I don't know. Anyway, good trip down memory lane.

Dare mo shiranai

Last night Kimberly and I went to the Landmark to watch "Nobody Knows", which is ending tonight so if you're into subtitles and heartbreaking stories I recommend it. It was very good but so sad. Based on a true story that happened in Tokyo in 1988, it's about a single mother and four children (fathered by four different absent fathers) who move into an apartment (the landlord thinks she has one child so the other three are smuggled in) and the children don't go to school or go outside. The mother is flighty in a sort of fun and lovable way but after a while she leaves the children with some money and a promise that she'll be back for Christmas. She never comes back. The oldest son tries to keep everything together but eventually they run out of money, have their power shut off, run out of food, etc. It was pretty depressing. But, beautifully shot and really interesting to watch.

Oh, also at the Landmark this weekend - the Midnight Movie is one of my favorites, "Rushmore!" So very good....

| posted by Mary | 3/03/2005 08:39:00 AM

Tuesday, March 01, 2005  

"Fungus? Nooooooo! Is Bruise! You Forget!"

I was driving over to our favorite Mexican restaurant to pick up chicken and avocado soup tonight when I noticed a new nail place had opened in the shopping plaza. "Kevin Nails."

I love the names of these places...there's Fresh Nails, Kim Nails, Pretty Nail, etc. In Milledgeville where I went to school there was a place near Lake Sinclair that was called "Lake Nail."

I am always searching for a good place to get an inexpensive pedicure. I normally go to Spa Sydell and shell out $40 for a pedi every few months but I'd like to find a place that I could go in the interim, when I just need a quick fix to last a few weeks. When I first moved to Atlanta I was going to this place over on Ponce that I had read about in the AJC. It was your standard crappy nail joint but the newspaper had recommended it for it's prices and the sanitation practices of the staff. The place even had a copy of the article framed and hanging on the wall. I would go every month or so and pay $12 for a pretty decent pedicure.

After I had been going there for about four months I noticed something one day. The woman who was attending to my feet had wiped off the polish and had to step away to get some supplies. Without my standard red polish I noticed a weird dark gray spot on my big toe. Alarmed, I brought my foot up as close to my face as I could get it and inspected the toe. The woman sitting beside laughed and said, "Girl, don't worry about that...I got them all over my feet! See?"


The pedicurist (is that a word?) returned and I asked her what the dot on my foot was. She examined it and gave me a cheerful shrug. Suddenly she seemed to have forgotten English. The store's owner, a tiny little Korean man, came over and asked what was wrong. I showed him my foot and asked, "Is this a fungus?"

He held my foot and examined the spot. "Nooo! Not fungus! This....this look like bruise! You probably drop something on your foot and forget about it! It is bruise!"

Whaaaa? We argued back and forth for awhile about my mystery fungus/bruise and I ended up putting $10 on my nail lady's counter and walking out.

Looking back I should have known better. No matter what the AJC said, this place was on Ponce, for pete's sake. Even though it is one of my favorite streets in Atlanta, Ponce de Leon is still the home of many many shady things. Pimps were coming in and getting manicures sitting right across from me. Who knows what was floating around in the footbaths?

Any Atlanta readers have any suggestions for a nice, clean, not too expensive place for a pedicure? Somewhere without fungi? Or is this just wishful thinking?

| posted by Mary | 3/01/2005 08:54:00 AM

Monday, February 28, 2005  

Today Is....

a sort of Busy and Important day....I have three proposals to get out and no time for fun.

But if I did have the time I would write about my new J Crew chinos that were out of stock online but in stock when I called to order them...or....our upcoming Bad Movie Night this Friday.....or....uh, something else. And it would be really good and interesting.


| posted by Mary | 2/28/2005 08:40:00 AM

Thursday, February 24, 2005  

"Am I Going To Be Charged Extra For This?"

I just got back from getting my hair cut and recolored (brown, again) and....uh...I think I was the recipient of an erotic shampoo. The woman who usually does my hair did the color and all but she sent some guy I'd never met before to do my shampoo, conditioner, sealant, etc. He wasn't my type or anything (oh yeah, and I'm married too)....dyed hair, those weird enormous holes in both his ears that you could stick a wine cork in perfectly and a too-tight t-shirt. He was nice though. And quite attentive with the shampoo and conditioner.

I know that it's normal to have a little scalp massage or whatnot during your shampoo but this felt more like my head was being tenderly caressed (foreplay) and then he increased the pressure, concentrating on the top of my neck right under my hairline. And he did it for a long time. I felt like one of those dogs that roll around and groan and shake their leg when you scratch them in the right spot.

What is the protocol for being shampooed in a salon anyway? I never know if I'm supposed to keep my eyes open or close them.

But I do have a feeling that writhing around in the chair is probably not acceptable.

| posted by Mary | 2/24/2005 10:35:00 PM

Wednesday, February 23, 2005  

I Totally Know What Our Bookclub is Reading Next Month.

Did you read Sweet Valley High books growing up? Yes? No? It's okay, you can admit it.

I do not remember how this came up but during a dinner one night last week Natalie, Kimberly and I became very excited reminiscing about the Wakefield twins, Lila Fowler, Enid Rollins and that hottie Bruce Patman who touched Elizabeth Wakefield's boob(!) that one time when she had a complete personality change due to an unfortunate motorcycle crash. (well, that was her story anyway).

I ditched my battered old copies of SVH a long time ago but I suddenly have the urge to revisit these sweet, cheesy literary masterpiecs of my youth. I'm watching a few lots on Ebay and it's just a matter of time before I'm delving into classics such as "SVH #6: Dangerous Love" and "SVH #60: That Fatal Night."

Let me know if you wanna borrow them with I'm done.

| posted by Mary | 2/23/2005 10:12:00 PM

Tuesday, February 22, 2005  

Gee, This Bathroom Smells Terrific!

Just got back from lunch at Eats and a quick pit stop to the Publix restroom because well, yeah.

As soon as I walked in the ladies' room I was hit with an overpowering familiar smell. No, not that one, you sickos.

The Publix restroom smelled exactly like the shampoo I used to use in high school, the apple-scented Salon Selectives that came in a pink bottle. It was a perfect olfactory match and I stopped in the middle of the room and inhaled deeply a few times, reliving my tenth grade glory days. Mid-sniff a woman about my age walked in the door, stoped in her tracks and stared at me. I gave her a weak smile and jumped into a stall.

What would have been the appropriate thing to say here?

"I just love the smell of fresh urine, don't you?"

"I think someone must have eaten asparagus for lunch."

"Don't mind me, I'm just practicing my lamaze. In...out...heeeee...heeeeee...hooooo"

"Gee, this bathroom smells terrific!"

| posted by Mary | 2/22/2005 01:50:00 PM

Monday, February 21, 2005  

Doing Fine.

My grandfather had a stroke this weekend, on Friday (his 84th birthday of all days). I found out Saturday morning when my mom called and left a strained sounding message that she was just "Calling to update you and please call me when you can." Update me on what? When she picked up the line at home I immediately asked what was wrong.

My granddaddy is an unsocial man who lives alone in his house with just a little dog for company. On his birthday he sits by the phone to answer calls from his children, sisters, brothers and other relatives. My parents had called over and over on Friday and the phone just rang. They eventually called the sheriff's department who broke in the house and found him. He was taken to Crawford Long hospital here in midtown, where they ran tests, determined there had been a stroke and told my parents he would be in the hospital for evaluation over the next few days. After he's released he'll go to another facility for a few weeks of physical therapy. During this time, my parents, along with my uncle, have to find a new place for him to live as he can't live at home by himself anymore.

Andrew and I visited him in the hospital on Sunday morning. We brought a small box of Krispy Kreme donuts and as we walked down the street to the hospital Andrew kept reminding me to be cheerful and not to get upset.

I have a tendency to get upset.

My mom had told me that he wasn't in terrible shape but that you could tell that something had changed. When we walked in the room he was sitting in a chair by the window, looking slightly wild and unshaved and wearing the regulation hospital gown. He looked confused and I immediately thought, "Oh god, he doesn't recognize us! It's worse than I thought!" But then he waved and said in his blustery Granddaddy sort of way, "Hullo Mary, hullo Andrew."


We sat down with him, asked how he was, tried to make small talk. Everything Andrew said came out in a quiet voice and Granddaddy would turn to him, "What's that? Andrew, I can't hear you." Andrew went out and bought the Sunday paper, something Granddaddy had always read from front to finish every day. It sat untouched on the bed. I smiled a lot, talked loudly and tried to think of things to say that were positive. "You've got an adjustable bed! That must be nice! You have a nice view out of your window! That's good!"

And orderly brought in his lunch and Andrew and I were amazed at what they expected an 84 year-old recent stroke victim to feed themselves. Everything was individually packaged, a straw that he couldn't punch through the hole in the cup, crackers in a plastic wrapper that he couldn't open, a baked potato wrapped in tin foil and the toughest steak that I could barely saw through on my own. We unwrapped everything, cut everything up and I tried to not let tears come to my eyes as he spilled food all over himself and took twenty minutes to eat a few bites of salad.

Nurses came in to check on him periodically and he wanted to tell each one of them about us. When a black female orderly came in to retrieve dirty linens Granddaddy just watched after her with his mouth open and his finger pointing at her, not saying anything. "What?, I asked over and over, "Do you need something" Does she need to leave something for you?" I was horrified, waiting for my Granddaddy, stubborn and racist, to say something bad about the black nurse. Instead he finally got it out, "My granddaughter....this is my granddaughter" and the woman looked at me with a sympathetic smile and that time I couldn't help the tears in my eyes.

When I talk to Andrew/my mom/my uncle, everyone reminds me that he is old and this is part of life. And I know it and I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But sitting there yesterday I kept thinking "What If"...what if he just gets worse and worse and has to live in misery....what if my parents are like this in twenty-five years.....what if I had to watch my own Dad spill lettuce all over his gown and not be able to sign his name to sheet of paper....what if this is me one day and what is it that you keep living for? So many what ifs to consider.

I think about my Granddaddy’s life and wonder what he thinks looking back on it…. an adulthood spent as a functioning alcoholic, a husband and a father of four…. his role in my mother’s life as she tried so hard to make everyone happy…his bitterness, regret and isolation…mixed with the man I know who wrote sweet and funny letters to me for years and faithfully mailed a card for every occasion. Granddaddy read the Atlanta Journal and Constitution every day and remarked to my mother on the phone once, “I just read about that new Spice restaurant that’s opened up down by Mary Elizabeth. It’s brand new.” I always tell my friends that Granddaddy is more up to date on Atlanta nightlife than I ever was.

I hate to be so maudlin and really, I'm fine.

I've just never done the sick grandparent thing before. He's all I've got.

| posted by Mary | 2/21/2005 01:12:00 PM

Friday, February 18, 2005  

Just A Few Of My Current Obsessions.

This perfect J Crew chinos that are sold out in my size and unfair.

This perfect Banana republic cardigan that would be so great for spring.

The reissue of Eva Zeisel dinnerware at Crate & Barrel.

Accumulating Kentucky Derby glasses for our upcoming party.

Our trip to San Juan in April.

A new brown bikini for the trip to San Juan.

A white leather totebag for spring/summer.

Of course, this black cotton one is nice too.

Vintage Shawnee planters with little Bambi-esq deer....I picked up a half dozen of these at a antiques fair last weekend but never bought one.

Moving over to Typepad.....hmmmmmm.

| posted by Mary | 2/18/2005 09:06:00 AM

Thursday, February 17, 2005  

I Absolutely Hate This.

Oh Bigs! What have they have done to you?

| posted by Mary | 2/17/2005 10:35:00 AM
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