Wednesday, January 05, 2005  

Alarming Development in Office Restroom.

Another day of work, work, work. I don't really like writing about my job, partially out of fear of getting dooced but mostly because it would bore everyone to tears.

Today though, I am thinking of the work restroom situation. I work in a large old house that has been converted to a two-story office. It's pretty cramped but sort of charming and cozy, lots of windows and exposed brick walls, etc. But the restrooms. They are both on the downstairs floor, just 20 feet or so from my cubicle (and many other cubicles). I have complained to friends before about how much I hate using the restroom at work because you feel like you're practically still in the room with everyone. I've never been very pee-shy before but I am here.

People have complained before about the poor ventilation system in the restrooms....there are air vents but they don't go anywhere. Which leads to another, more olfactory-related problems but that's another story. The good thing about the poor ventilation system is that it is loud. Really loud, like an airplane taking off and if you turn it on while in the restroom then any noise is muffled and the people sitting beside the restroom are spared the embarrassment of listening to bodily functions.

However. Some servicemen come in today to fix the ventilation and now it supposedly circulates air but IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY NOISE. This is a TERRIBLE development and I wonder if anyone else is as concerned as I am. You can hear EVERYTHING when someone goes in and when I finally went in and used it late this afternoon I could hear EVERYTHING from the outside.....typing on keyboards, papers shuffling, someone tapping their foot on the carpet.

Not sure how I'm going to adjust to the new unmuffled environment....any suggestions? Throw down extra toilet paper to muffle the sound? Turn on running water? Sing really loud while peeing? Quit thinking that everyone is listening to me pee and just get over it? Help!


Pee Shy at Work

| posted by Mary | 1/05/2005 09:13:00 AM
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