Tuesday, March 01, 2005  

"Fungus? Nooooooo! Is Bruise! You Forget!"

I was driving over to our favorite Mexican restaurant to pick up chicken and avocado soup tonight when I noticed a new nail place had opened in the shopping plaza. "Kevin Nails."

I love the names of these places...there's Fresh Nails, Kim Nails, Pretty Nail, etc. In Milledgeville where I went to school there was a place near Lake Sinclair that was called "Lake Nail."

I am always searching for a good place to get an inexpensive pedicure. I normally go to Spa Sydell and shell out $40 for a pedi every few months but I'd like to find a place that I could go in the interim, when I just need a quick fix to last a few weeks. When I first moved to Atlanta I was going to this place over on Ponce that I had read about in the AJC. It was your standard crappy nail joint but the newspaper had recommended it for it's prices and the sanitation practices of the staff. The place even had a copy of the article framed and hanging on the wall. I would go every month or so and pay $12 for a pretty decent pedicure.

After I had been going there for about four months I noticed something one day. The woman who was attending to my feet had wiped off the polish and had to step away to get some supplies. Without my standard red polish I noticed a weird dark gray spot on my big toe. Alarmed, I brought my foot up as close to my face as I could get it and inspected the toe. The woman sitting beside laughed and said, "Girl, don't worry about that...I got them all over my feet! See?"


The pedicurist (is that a word?) returned and I asked her what the dot on my foot was. She examined it and gave me a cheerful shrug. Suddenly she seemed to have forgotten English. The store's owner, a tiny little Korean man, came over and asked what was wrong. I showed him my foot and asked, "Is this a fungus?"

He held my foot and examined the spot. "Nooo! Not fungus! This....this look like bruise! You probably drop something on your foot and forget about it! It is bruise!"

Whaaaa? We argued back and forth for awhile about my mystery fungus/bruise and I ended up putting $10 on my nail lady's counter and walking out.

Looking back I should have known better. No matter what the AJC said, this place was on Ponce, for pete's sake. Even though it is one of my favorite streets in Atlanta, Ponce de Leon is still the home of many many shady things. Pimps were coming in and getting manicures sitting right across from me. Who knows what was floating around in the footbaths?

Any Atlanta readers have any suggestions for a nice, clean, not too expensive place for a pedicure? Somewhere without fungi? Or is this just wishful thinking?

| posted by Mary | 3/01/2005 08:54:00 AM
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